Programme Outline

We offer a maximum of 2 creators (artists or designers ) or curators or any other creative field such as photographers or filmmakers to spend in Arita next February and March 2022 to develop their ceramic related project or research their interest in Arita Porcelain industry. The programme is hosted by Arita Town & Saga Prefecture.

Expected Outcomes

Participants are expected to produce prototypes of their own original design or artwork. OR Participants can operate a research base residency programme a minimum from two weeks to two months period. Participants are encouraged to immerge themselves in the local environment and foster exchange with the local craftsmen as well as the wider community which can be used as a source of inspiration for their project in Arita. Besides the design aspect we expect designers, artists to show a hands-on approach and actively engage in the production process of the prototype(s). Or their own research method such as interviewing potters, craftsmen, using historical written material etc. After completion of programme, participants will be provided with the opportunity to present their work locally in Arita.

Purpose of the programme

Saga Prefecture and Arita have a desire to culturally promote themselves on the wider global stage by offering a platform where overseas creatives can gather and explore artistic activities together, thus forming a unique and diverse community. The residency programme provides international designers as well as local potters with an opportunity to gain new inspiration and learn from each other. For more information about the creative residency programme please check our website:

Relevant Field

Ceramic Production Work or Research of ceramic field

Basic Residency Period

Maximum period 1st February 2022 – 31st March 2022

Number of Residents Accepted

a maximum of 2 person

Application Requirements

The applicant must have some professional experience in a design or an art field that can be related to ceramic in a broader sense. CRA is not open to students. The creative must live in Japan at least in the period of the programme. Excluding technical guidance, applicants are expected to be self-sufficient in terms of daily life in Arita. The following requirements (A-K) must also be met while on the programme:

  1. Understand the purpose of your stay and the programme itself, and be able to stay there for the entire period (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).
  2. Being free from restrictions on any occupational activities during your stay.
  3. Be able to live together with other residents (1-2 people) during the period of your stay.
  4. Be in good health.
  5. Being able to communicate in English or Japanese or Duch.
  6. Must be located in Japan for the period of the programme.
  7. The artist should donate one sample of their work at the end of the residency to Saga Prefecture.
  8. Be able to participate in residency events organised by CRA such as presenting the results of their work, presentation,or hosting open studios, etc.
  9. Any accident insurance required during your stay must be paid for by the artist before visiting Japan.
  10. In principle, family members are prohibited from accompanying the designer during their stay.
  11. The expenses required for the programme (including travel, production and living expenses, etc.) must be prepared by the person himself/herself with the aid of a subsidy.

Available Support & Services

  • Communication Support (English and Japanese)
  • Project Planning Support and production advice
  • Matching the designer with a pottery(when necessary)
  • Facilitating cultural exchange
  • Free bicycle provided for daily house to work commute

Creator’s Expense

  • Pottery technical advice / support fee *- 60,000 yen per month (when matching is requested by a creator)
  • Accommodation*- 3000 yen a day / maximum 60,000 yen per month (utilities and internet included)
  • Travel expenses home to Arita round trip
  • Production costs (depending on creator’s plan)
  • Material costs(depending on creator’s plan)
  • Living expenses (food expenses roughly – 30,000-50,000 yen per month)
  • Work transportation cost (from Arita to anyplace)
  • Transportation expenses (domestic travel, etc.)
  • Other miscellaneous costs

* indicates fixed cost

How to Apply (open call for participants)

Please apply using the CRA application form

Recruitment Period

Monday 28th December-Friday 14th January 2022
Deadline: Friday 14th January 2022 17:00 (UTC + 2 CET)

Selection and Notification

Notification date 22th January 2022

The finalists will be selected based on the submitted materials.

Notification Method

The results will be notified by email from CRA on 22nd Jaunary 2022.

Judging Panel & Advisory Board

Arita Potters Association
Creative Residency Arita