Lecture: Made by Rain with Japanese Craftsmanship

2018 October 11

In collaboration with the potter Fukusengama, the designer Aliki van der Krujis came upon a process to ‘draw’ on porcelain using raindrops. They investigated how to achieve a contemporary approach to traditional Arita-ware and create a modest patterning on the porcelain by using real rain together with several experimental stages of glazing. They found a productive and stable way to imprint and fix the desired rain patterns onto the porcelain. The colour used is a typical ‘Fukusen’ blue and is used in three tones exposed to the rain in the morning (light blue), afternoon (medium blue) and evening (dark blue). The Japanese rain is imprinted on the iconic plate from Fukusengama that has a diameter of 31 cm and just like the scarves, receives an imprint of location, time and weather conditions.

Now the plates are in production and distributed by Thomas Eyck.
In the lecture Aliki and Fukusen Gama will talk about the collaboration, how the project started and the current state of affairs one year after she left Arita.


Lecture: Made by Rain with Japanese craftsmanship
Date : Wednesday 24th October
Time : 15:00 – 17:00
Place : Van Abbe Museum
Speaker: Aliki van der Kruijs (Designer, Researcher)
Koji Shimomura (Potter -Fukusengama)
※This event is open for the public.

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