Dutch Design Week 2019 – The New Radicals

2019 October 12

We are happy to inform you that Creative Residency Arita will participate in the Dutch Design Week 2019 for our annual exhibition of works created at the residency. Seven of our recent residents’ experimental ceramic projects from 2018-19 and also two commercial brands “Made by Rain” and “UTSUÀ” were presented. Those two brands both began life during the residencies of respective creators Aliki van der Kruijs and Tijmen Smeulders in 2017 and are now distributed worldwide.

If you have any inquiries of creators works, please contact directly to each creators from their website information.

Participating artists and designers:
Franciska Meijers ( Designer )
Isabel Ferrand (Artist)
Florence Dwyer (Artist)
Lora Dimova (Artist)
Antye Guenther (Artist)
Dimitri Bähler (Designer)
Viktor Hachmang (Illustrator)

Exhibited Products:
Made by Rain

Location: Atlier NL , Bergmannstraat 76 5615 KG Eindhoven
 The Netherlands Date:2019.10.19-10.27  Time: 11:00-18:00